Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Images of Kenya: The People

Because I have so many photos to share, and because they give a literal picture of Kenya that speaks louder than words, the next few posts will be nothing but photos.  This post will focus on the people of Kenya, who are as beautiful and diverse as the landscapes are.

a Maasai man with his cattle on the savannah

a mother and son bring an offering 
during a Sunday morning church service

how babies are carried by their mothers

children gathered in the church yard

a worker at a children's home making chapatis

mothers singing and dancing at a celebration 
for their sons who were recently circumcised

a typical donkey cart along the road

men on a dhow at the coast, 
at the Indian Ocean

waiting for tourists to want a camel ride on the beach

taking a much-deserved break from plowing by hand,
getting ready for rainy season

choir performs at a funeral

playing in the tea fields at the family shamba (farm)

worshiping at church

househelpers in our community

teacher at a children's home, 
teaching Swahili words

in primary school

selling vegetables along the roadside

workers picking tea in the fields

plowing the fields

wearing their Sunday best

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